Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Wednesday, 2018.07.18
Every day passes whether you participate or not. If you are not careful, years
will go by and you will only have regrets. If you cannot solve a problem all at
once, at least make a stab at it. Reduce your problems into smaller, more
manageable packages, and you can make measurable progress toward achievement. If
you wait for everything to be perfect according to your preconceived plans, then
you may well wait forever. If you go out and work with the current of life, you
may find that success comes from building upon small things.

		Deng Ming-Dao, "365 Tao - Daily Meditations", #295


Dan Issel’s Tongue

Dateline: Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Dan Issel, coach of the Denver Nuggets, a professional basketball team, had the following exchange with a fan, as reported by local ABC affiliate Channel 7 News:

Fan: “You suck *******!”

Issel: “Hey go buy another beer. Go drink another beer, you ****** Mexican piece of ****.”

Because of the remark, Issel was suspended for four games without pay and apologized, stating “I take full responsibility for my actions and I’m sorry for the embarrassment it’s caused my team, my family.” The local Hispanic community sought Issel’s direct apology and demanded he be fired, in spite of the fact the fan had accepted Issel’s apology.

This public display has me thinking about the thing from a variety of angles. (more…)

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