Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Saturday, 2018.04.21
Those who refuse to support and defend a state have no claim to protection by
that state. Killing an anarchist or a pacifist should not be defined as "murder"
in a legalistic sense. The offense against the state, if any, should be "Using
deadly weapons inside city limits," or "Creating a traffic hazard," or
"Endangering bystanders," or other misdemeanor. However, the state may
reasonably place a closed season on these exotic asocial animals whenever they
are in danger of becoming extinct. An authentic buck pacifist has rarely been
seen off Earth, and it is doubtful that any have survived the trouble
there...regrettable, as they had the biggest mouths and the smallest brains of
any of the primates. The small-mouthed variety of anarchist has spread through
the Galaxy at the very wave front of the Diaspora; there is no need to protect
them. But they often shoot back.

		Robert Heinlein, "Time Enough For Love"


From The Things-That-Make-You-Laugh-Until-You-Cry Department

This from the New York Times, of all places:

“Iraq is a long way to go for a photo op, but not for President Bush, who is pulling out all the stops to divert public attention from his failed Iraq policies and to keep Congress from demanding that he bring the troops home.”

So, what say you? The Prez has totally incompetent PR folks working for him who would suggest going to Iraq would be an excellent way to divert public attention away from…er…Iraq. Or the NYT editorial dolts still think they’re writing for their 6th grade newspaper.

There was a time when “professional” meant something.