Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Friday, 2016.10.21
How much Elvis Presley would weigh at various places in the solar system:

7,140 pounds on the Sun
97 pounds on Mercury or Mars
255 pounds on Earth
232 pounds on Venus or Uranus
43 pounds on the Moon
648 pounds on Jupiter
275 pounds on Saturn
303 pounds on Neptune
13 pounds on Pluto


Politics As Sports

From the OpinionJournal:

The NFL is investigating charges that a New England Patriots employee videotaped the New York Jets’ signals over the weekend, potentially tainting the Pats’ 38-14 opening-day victory. And’s Bob Cook sees an analogy:

Even though [Patriots coach Bill] Belichick is far from being found culpable . . ., the coach’s long history of poor sportsmanship means it hardly stretches the imagination to see him being Dick Cheney in the NFL’s version of warrantless wiretapping.

It’s just like wiretapping! Well, except that the war with al Qaeda isn’t a game, and the other side adheres to no rules whatever.

Neither are they held accountable. It does seem a significant portion of our politicians (and presumably their constituents) would rather just send al Qaeda to their room for a time-out and let the whole thing blow over.