Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Sunday, 2017.03.26
Indeed, the new source of wealth is not material, it is information,knowledge
applied to work to create value…A person with the skills to write a complex
software program that can produce a billion dollars of revenue can walk past any
customs officer in the world with nothing of ‘value’ to declare.

		Walter Wriston


Fat. It’s The New Thin

 So much for being victims. It’s now a choice:

As adult obesity balloons in the United States, being overweight has become less of a health hazard and more of a lifestyle choice, the author of a new book argues.

“Obesity is a natural extension of an advancing economy. As you become a First World economy and you get all these labor-saving devices and low-cost, easily accessible foods, people are going to eat more and exercise less,” health economist Eric Finkelstein told AFP.

Can’t wait for Detroit to start pushing out that new 8 mpg SUV – The 2009 Chubba Bubba.