Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Monday, 2017.09.25
Indecision and procrastination are corrosive habits. Those who wait for every
little thing to be perfect before they embark on a project or who dislike the
compromise of a partial solution are among the least happy. Ideal circumstances
are seldom given to anyone for an undertaking. Instead there is uncertainty in
every situation. The wise are those who can wrest great advantage from
circumstances opaque to everyone else.

		Deng Ming-Dao, "365 Tao - Daily Meditations", #295


Anti-American Bias At Al Jazeera English? No!

Holy reeling stunning revolations, Batman (H/T LGF):

“Former ‘Nightline’ reporter Dave Marash has quit Al-Jazeera English, saying Thursday his exit was due in part to an anti-American bias at a network that is little seen in this country.”

And this is interesting:

“Marash said he felt that attitude more from British administrators than Arabs at the Qatar-based network.”

I guess there are a few Brits who just can’t get over the whole 1776 thing. Or perhaps it’s that their own country is sunk so deep in the multicultural tar pit it’s beyond their ability to muster any hope, so they might as well shift their anti-sentiments to a country that at least has some hope for survival in the 21st century. There once was a time when the sun never set on the British Empire. Looks to be a day on the horizon when the sun may never rise on the British Empire.

In other news:

Job Opening: Al Jazeera seeks self-loathing, English speaking (American citizen preferred) TV personality. Actual personality not required. Prior experience as anti-American tool and Useful Idiot preferred.