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Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.

		Peter Drucker


Spinning Little Worlds

As reported on Counterterrorism Blog

“Reacting to the killing of Abu Mus’ab al Zarqawi in Iraq, pro-Jihadi commentators on al Jazeera rushed to assert that the ‘death of Zarqawi won’t weaken al Qaida but will actually unify the organization.'”

If this is an accurate assessment, we’re left to wonder what prevented al Qaida from bumping Zarqawi off themselves and thus achieve the lauded organization unification sooner. Spun the other way, if eliminating the leader strengthens the organization, what do terrorist organizations think will happen when leaders of free nations are assassinated? When the world gets smaller, attempts to spin bad news as good just ends up looking like tail chasing. And yes, al Jazeera, those stripes DO make you look thiner.

Observing how jihadi spin is in such synchronization with the MSM leads me to conclude a fundamental strategy from both spheres, albeit with different agendas perhaps, depends on persons of freedom being incapable of rubbing two thoughts together. To some extent this is true, particularly among the extremes which simply have no room for more than one thought. But reading the signs, I have a growing confidence that this kind of shallow reasoning will backfire on those who presuppose its mystical, magical powers.

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2006.06.09 – Nice parody from Eric Raymond punctuating the freakish relationship between the MSM and terrorist organizations. But then again, the reality of it gets a little spooky.

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