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		Niels Bohr


Sheehan Fast Woes – SOLVED!

Like all things done for the first time, its easy to be a little clumsy out of the gate. Such is the case with Cindy Sheehan and her efforts at protest fasting. We can forgive her noble, albeit awkward, first effort. After all, she isn’t a professional at this. Not yet, anyway. Being a compulsive problem solver, I noticed several slight “defects” in her fasting method which can be corrected with a slight modification to Ms. Sheehan’s fasting techniques:

Sheehan Fast

Not so much as a sippy hole for that dreaded flipachino caramel machimoto double sucrose latté (soy, please). There are, however, some unavoidable, perhaps unintended, consequences:

  • If nothing can get in, well, then nothing can get out. We will experience a drought of Sheehan wisdom. But I do feel that together, we can endure this loss. [Group hug everybody!]
  • We can respectfully acknowledge and honor Casey Sheehan’s sacrifice, unencumbered, as it would then become, by Ms. Sheehan’s thought process.

The JZ:TOL legal department has insisted on the following disclaimer: Use this fast-enhancer responsibly and have someone – doesn’t have to be a friend – close at hand to rip this device off at the slightest indication you might be slipping toward The Joy of Oblivion. And if you know Ms. Sheehan, be that safety net for her because I do believe she may be at risk in this regard.

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Hmmm. Appears the Amazon Poll strongly supports the notion that Ms. Sheehan’s capacity to eclipse her son’s death with her own thirst for the lime light is exceeded only by her vastly uninformed and shallow insights into world events.

The time to recognize the honorable Sheehan is long over due.

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