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Poor man... he was like an employee to me.

		The police commissioner on "Sledge Hammer" laments the death of his bodyguard


The UN – United Nematodes

What a bunch of spineless consumers of rot the UN has become.

With beverage spewing clarity, the dolts at the UN have attempted to argue issues of self defense from a legal frame. Folks, self defense is much more than the ultimate human right. It’s an instinct. None of us, absolutely none of us would be here today if our ancestors over the past several million years didn’t practice and perfect skills necessary for self preservation. This included pounding the crap out of any other life form that attempted to end their existence.

This is true of individuals. It is true of families, communities and nations. Without adapting to threats and practicing self-defense in the interest of self-preservation the end can only be extinction. The kind of spineless world view argued by the worms at the UN is precisely what the Islamofasists are counting on to win their religious war. Worms are easy to crush and hose off the streets. It’s those Freedom loving, Liberty saturated individuals with pointy teeth and claws they fear.

As Atticus noted in the comments to Dr. Helen’s blog post “Crime Strike TV“:

The word “pantywaist” is an odd choice to decribe the United Nations. The UN is a collection of folks who want to protect despots, not a collection of passivists [sic]. They don’t discourage self defense because they don’t have the stomach for violence; they just don’t have the stomach for violence that would encourage freedom.

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