Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Friday, 2020.08.14
Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.



Kill. Worship. Repeat.

This is about as subtle as a pig farm in June (H/T: Classical Values):

Fundamentalist Islamists in Gaza have begun a campaign of bombing and arson against Internet cafes, pharmacies and pool halls.

A group calling itself the Swords of Islamic Righteousness issued a statement claiming responsibility for some of the attacks, denouncing Western, immoral behavior, such as unveiled women and loud music, a Times of London correspondent reported.

The group said it would continue “shooting rocket-propelled grenades and planting bombs at Internet cafes in Gaza, which are trying to make a whole generation preoccupied with matters other than jihad and worship.”

It’s pretty clear. But lets repeat it. Now, put down that Pinot Noir and paté laden cracker and listen closely: “…preoccupied with matters other than jihad and worship.”

No sense in picking up that wine and liver now. If you do, they’ll want you dead. If you aren’t busy worshiping or killing those who are not worshiping and killing, then what good are you? You’ll have to be killed. No compromise. No placating. No bargaining. No freedom. In fact, just make the word “No!” the lead word in all your self-talk. No!

The moderate Islamists might say it’s just an insignificant extreme faction promulgating this position. But the moderates are not speaking up because, duh, they’ll be killed for doing something other than worshiping and killing. Which means they’re not moderates at all.

Qui tacet consentit.

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