Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Friday, 2019.08.23
"Fast is slow. Slow is fast." Watch your fields of fire, pick your targets, aim
center mass, squeeze the trigger. The faster you go, the more mistakes you make.
The more mistakes you make, the deeper in the shit you will be. Go slow. Try not
to make mistakes. Be one with the battle yet transcend it. Float above the
action, survey the scene, target immediate threats, and dispatch them with
ruthless efficiency.

		Navy Seals mantra when training for close quarters combat


Spreading Like Wild Fire

The speed of news. My girlfriend, “Emmi,” just sent these pictures via camera phone of a vacant building burning in Salt Lake City (she’s there on assignment). So of course I have to post them on the web just to help fan the flames. Connectivity. Mmmmmmmmmm.

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