Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Saturday, 2017.12.16
The election of Obama was really the penultimate expression of our social and
political neurosis. Think about it. He was black so he allowed people to feel
good about themselves voting for a black man. Racial neurosis check. He was
young, so it allowed people to think they were going to relive JFK. Boomer
nostalgia neurosis, check. And he was from the upper middle class uber educated
doucheoisie. Status and class neurosis check.

It was really all there. A perfect storm of shallow stupidity.

		John, commenter on Reason Magazine's Hit & Run


Farewells and Tributes

Said goodbye to my Grandmother this week, Lucile D. B. Engel. At 95, she finished her work here last Friday morning and set sail for the after-life. I made the drive from Denver to Sioux Falls for the funeral. While I had seen bunches of people die in the various nursing homes I’ve worked in and seen people die in hospitals, TV ER style, surrounded by a tornado of disposable medical supplies and everybody shouting (where’s the peace in that?), this was the first member of my family I’d ever seen where the light had left. And Grandma has a tremendous light. She suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune with legendary grace and humor. (more…)

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