Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Monday, 2024.05.27
The following statement is not true. The previous statement is true.


About Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud

Hello Java Zen:TOL Readers,

Who am I and what’s the story behind this weblog? No one ever believes my real story of having been stolen by Gypsies as a child, raised by wolves in a cave and currently on paid retainer to Paris Hilton as a dialog coach, so I’ve had to invent something more plausible to tell at parties and post on-line.

GPE - Cello

Paris is nice enough and easy to get along with, being unencumbered by the thought process as she is. But I’ve been feeling the need for more creative space. The kind of space where I could hone my writing skills and maybe even spark a little dialogue. Java Zen:TOL is that space.

I’ve been writing since I can remember and penned, or rather “crayoned”, my first book, “The Mouse Picnic”, at age 5. Building on this early success, I expanded my writing capabilities to include biochemical research papers, white papers, grants for non-profit funding, a critically acclaimed personality test (The Motivation Profile, ISBN 1884180000) and now this personal blog.

If the question on your mind is “What the hell do you know?”, start here.

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