Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Sunday, 2018.03.25
If a fisherman does not have a properly repaired net, then his trip is useless.
Preparation is the major part of his endeavor. Only when the fisherman keeps his
nets intact, keeps his boat repaired, and studies the conditions of fish and
water does going out to fish become a mere formality. Then fish fall into his
hands as if guided by invisible lines.

		Deng Ming-Dao, "365 Tao - Daily Meditations", #43


Cherubim Foundation Update I

Someone sent along a copy of the new brochure for Cherubim Foundation. Is anyone in the office proofreading? Are they paying attention to any details? Janet died in April, folks.

It also incorrectly lists Fresh Squeezed Books as supporting the organization. Fresh Squeezed Books does not support Cherubim Foundation.

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2006.02.22 – A printing of this brochure from a month earlier actually had the correct date for Janet’s passing. The incorrect date was an intentionally modification. The first printing had its own problems, however, including trademarked material belonging to another organization used without permission. Hence the second printing.

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