Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Thursday, 2018.03.22
I had been infatuated with Thoreau’s Walden and its story of living a basic
life, close to nature. The heart of that undertaking, he had written, was to
simplify your life. In retrospect, I can see that although I thought that this
was what I was doing, I was really just trying to add simplicity to my life. In
addition to all the old things I had been doing. Of course, my life grew more
and more complicated in the process.

		William Bridges, "The Way of Transition"


The Blogger Hole

Ann Althouse, guest blogging on Instapundit, makes note of the ubiquitous practice of blogging on bloggers. How far down the blogger hole does one care to blog? Well, don’t go too far, because its bloggers all the way down.