Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Tuesday, 2017.08.22
Today, many critics lament the lack of innovation in our society and draw the
conclusion that more emphasis on teaching mathematics and science will lead to
innovation. That will probably fail. Innovation comes from repeated successes in
innovating. Innovation means trying ideas outside the accepted patterns. It
means providing the opportunity to fail as a learning experience rather than as
an embarrassment. ...the traditional school powerfully suppresses any tendency
toward being innovative. Both teachers and students are driven to conform.

		Tom Green, "Bright Boys: The Making of Information Technology"


Snowed In

And loving it. The wind chime chimes no more…

Chimes III

    Somewhere within these drifts rests the silent wind chime…

    Roof Drifts

    The view from the front door…

    Front Door View

    That drift hanging over the eve has crashed down several times during the night with a deep thud. Such noises, like Summer thunder, get Jasmine’s attention and she barks to alert the house. This also means that the snow just outside the garage has been well packed by both the wind and the falling drift from the roof. The final link in all this is that I have to chisel my way out when clearing the driveway. Sure enough. The ruler is showing 37.5 inches of hard packed snow.


    And still, is Buddha…

    Winter Buddha III