Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Tuesday, 2017.05.30
We may not like doctors, but at least they doctor. Bankers are not ever popular
but at least they bank. Policeman police and undertakers take under. But lawyers
do not give us law. We receive not the gladsome light of jurisprudence, but
rather precedents, objections, appeals, stays, filings and forms, motions and
counter-motions, all at $250 an hour.

		Nolo News, summer 1989


Ingredients For Disaster

As the saying goes, “Experience is the worst teacher. It always gives the test first and the instruction afterward.”

The Instapundit is recommending a couple of books on preparing meals in situations where you may have lost power:

Both look pretty useful. And they combine two InstaPundit interests — cooking, and disaster preparedness.

In my house, we’ve learned to do the disaster preparedness first as there is the all too real possibility it may be needed as a result of the cooking. Of course, now that the EPA has required I file the necessary paperwork prior to the implementation of any new culinary endeavors and the DoD has confiscated most of my college era recipes, the disaster part is far less frequent than it used to be.

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Ha! I was talking about electrical power. If you’ve lost some other kind of power or otherwise fallen into some sort of decline, well, then get some Primal Shrug Therapy, a can opener and just deal with it.