Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Monday, 2018.04.23
Though others may neglect us, we should not think of ourselves as being without
value. We must not accept the judgment of others as the measure of our own
self-worth. Instead, we should live our lives in simplicity. Surely, we will
have flaws, but we must take stock in them according to our own judgment and
then use them as a measure of self-improvement. Since we need not expend energy
in putting on airs or maintaining a position, we are actually free to cultivate
the best parts of our personalities. Thus, to be considered useless is not a
reason for despair, but an opportunity. It is the chance to live without
interference and to express one's own individuality.

		Deng Ming-Dao, "365 Tao - Daily Meditations", #25


Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty…

Cheetahs Maul Woman to Death at Zoo in Belgium

Karen Aerts, 37, of Antwerp, was found dead in the cage, Olmense Zoo spokesman Jan Libot said. Police said they ruled out any foul play.

Authorities believe Aerts, a regular visitor to the zoo, hid in the park late Sunday until it closed and managed to find the keys to the cheetah cage.

“Karen loved animals. Unfortunately the cheetahs betrayed her trust,” Libot said.

One of the cats that killed Aerts was named Bongo, whom the woman had adopted under a special program. She paid for Bongo’s food, Libot said.

I’d say so. In this case, she paid with her life. Do you suppose that Darwin fellow was on to something? Or was it species profiling by the cheetahs?

Seriously, when people expect animals to behave as refined human beings and interact with them based on that fatally flawed assumption, there should be no surprise when the animal dispatches that belief to the bone yard. What was this woman thinking? That the cheetahs would recognize her and purr thankfully for hours, lulling her to sleep that night? Instead of recognizing her as the food lady, they recognized the lady as food.

(H/T: Tim Blair)