Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Saturday, 2018.04.21
I can appreciate the anger and disappointment among gay and lesbian supporters
of Obama, but in their frustration may well be the seed of a deeper
understanding that politics and politicians are disappointing at best and
malevolent at worst. Which is precisely the reason to squeeze their power and
influence over citizens and human activity to the bare minimum, whether we’re
talking about the bedroom or the boardroom.

		Nick Gillespie


Marcel Marceau

I had to dig to find this, but it was worth it. It’s the autographed program from when I saw Marcel Marceau perform here in Denver in 1980 (click for larger image):

Marcel Marceau 1

I studied French for 5 years and used it only twice in my life for actual conversation. Once while traveling through Canada and once after waiting near two hours at the back entrance of the theater for Marcel Marceau. I told him, in French, that I thought his performance was fantastic and asked for his autograph (Yes, I have spoken with the mime!), which he gave. Still a memorable performance and an inspiration after more than 27 years.

I was saddened to hear of his passing.