Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Monday, 2018.10.22
In some ways, if we're relying on airport screeners to prevent terrorism, it's
already too late. After all, we can't keep weapons out of prisons. How can we
ever hope to keep them out of airports?

		Bruce Schneier


It’s a Beautiful Thing

It’s all in the setup. Months in the making, the Java Zen weblog is now on line. Whew. It’s time to lift the cap from a homebrew (an Imperial Stout, no less), kick back, and do a little free association. Where else is one to find enough garbage to fill this space?

Java Zen is still the place to find interesting items not suitable for blogging as well as the archives for the Friday Humor Break and Wha Zappenin’. I’ll be moving some of the older stuff from Java Zen and else where to this blog site as time allows. Sheesh. Some of us were blogging before blogging was cool.