Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Sunday, 2018.01.21
Everyone's heard of Erwin Schrodinger's famous thought experiment. You put a cat
in a box with a bottle of poison, which many people would suggest is about as
far as you need to go.

		The Unadulterated Cat


A New Year

Putting 2005 behind me, that’s a good thing. A new year. There is an implicit forgiveness about a new year. A resetting of life that allows us a new beginning to an existing life. That is, if we have the courage to seize the opportunity and act “as if” we have it all to do again. When we turn the calendar, its January again. We have had January’s in the past which makes us feel like we’ve been here before, yet hopefully with a bit more wisdom and insight. The seasons hold a built-in opportunity to do January again, only different. And by extension, an opportunity to do all the other months again, only different. Hopefully, better.

Happy new year and carpe diem everyone.