Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Wednesday, 2019.05.22
As a Russian co-worker once told me, "Americans have a silly idea about
communism. It wasn't that if you told a joke about Brezhnev, the secret police
would arrest you--it was that you'd lose your job. And in Russia, there were no
other jobs." When the government controls your paycheck, your housing, and your
ration card, it doesn't need to put you in jail; you are in jail.

		Megan McArdle


What’s Wrong With This Picture

I really liked this framed set of prints:

But something about the piano really bugged me. Something didn’t look right and it took a minute to key into it (hint, there.) First I thought the guy playing the piano was inordinately small. Then it struck me (another hint). The keyboard is too big. Looking at the enlarged print…

…reveals 117 keys, plus or minus one, and not the usual 88 keys. OK, so it’s “art”, but I’m a musician and things like this have to be closer to accurate than not if the mood of the image in this particular case is to be believable. Picasso or Salvador Dali can go all cubie and bendy to their artistic heart’s delight. But that’s not the style here. I have to wonder if the artist ever really saw a piano in person. Unfortunately, with something like 30 extra keys, it makes the print look a bit cartoonish. No sale.