Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Wednesday, 2017.05.24
You know you're in a small town when...

You don't use turn signals because everybody knows where you're going.

You're born on June 13 and your family receives gifts from the local merchants because you're the first baby of the year.

Everyone knows whose credit is good, and whose wife isn't.

You speak to each dog you pass, by name... and he wags his tail.

You dial the wrong number, and talk for 15 minutes anyway.

You write a check on the wrong bank and it covers you anyway.


Colorado Winter

A second sizable blast of winter arrived today and Jasmine was wearing the storm’s vanguard late yesterday afternoon. Being a Scottish breed, she is built for cold weather.


So far, the chimes still sing, but the drift is building. There is less wind this go around.

Chimes VI

And for Buddha, nothing special…

Winter Buddha V

This is how I remember the winters of my youth – lots of snow and cold.