Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Thursday, 2017.06.29
Countries like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, which have spawned relatively many
terrorists, are economically well off yet lacking in civil liberties. Poor
countries with a tradition of protecting civil liberties are unlikely to spawn
suicide terrorists. Evidently, the freedom to assemble and protest peacefully
without interference from the government goes a long way to providing an
alternative to terrorism.

		Alan B. Krueger, Princeton University Economist


Laptops For Less Bait And Switch

Interesting bait and switch from Laptops For Less. Here’s what you see when you first hit the site:


Note that the claim is for free shipping on orders over $30. Coolness. I need a replacement power cord for an ancient Compaq. But then notice what happens when you head on down the checkout path:


Well how about that! My over $30 order is charged for shipping and the LFL website now shows free shipping on orders over $50. “Click for details” makes no mention of the $30 threshold, just the $50 threshold. I ordered the power cord from which also charged me shipping but were upfront about the charge. In fact, the item was $8 less expensive overall from Mobile Tech Power.