Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Wednesday, 2020.04.01
It's easy to be brave once you consider the alternatives.


Clouds Over Cathy’s World

One of my favorite bloggers and columnists, Cathy Seipp, is fighting cancer and has been for awhile. Another miracle she is. Looks like things are a bit more difficult just now, though. Sending your blessings and prayers to Cathy and her daughter, Maia, would be a good thing.


Blog Haiku #7

.-.. .- –.. -.– -.. .- … ….
… – .- -.-. -.-. .- – — -.. — –
– …. . .–. . .-. .. — -.. . -. -.. …


Blog Haiku #6

Smert plackicks.
Plather doleists kreen.

[This will make perfect sense after you have voted. -GPE]


Blog Haiku #5

Gray sky.
Frozen ground.
A finch sings of Spring.


Blog Haiku #4

A simple comment.
A simple post.


Blog Haiku #3

Such a beautiful rant
To this tired mind.
A lonely Publish button.


Blog Haiku #2

Gentle Autumn RSS feed.
Tantalizing tidbits fall to the ground.
I tie my shoe.


Blog Haiku #1

Words gather.
Spell check.
That’s not what I meant.


Bloggers and Main Stream Media – Get Ready To Rrrrrrrrrrumble!

In regards to the relationship between blogs and the Main Stream Media, David Carr writes in the New York Times:

The cliché about not arguing with people who buy ink by the barrelful is in the process of being replaced by another: best not to pick a fight with people who have gigabytes of text at their disposal unless you are interested in a duel on equal footing.

I think about it differently. Note to the Main Stream Media: It’s best not to bring a Thesaurus to a Dictionary fight.


The Blogger Hole

Ann Althouse, guest blogging on Instapundit, makes note of the ubiquitous practice of blogging on bloggers. How far down the blogger hole does one care to blog? Well, don’t go too far, because its bloggers all the way down.

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