Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Thursday, 2020.01.23
If you are confronted with an assertion, there is a short way of getting rid of
it, or, at any rate, of throwing suspicion on it, by putting it into some odious
category; even though the connection is only apparent, or else of a loose
character. You can say, for instance, "That is Manichaeism" or "It is Arianism,"
or "Pelagianism," or "Idealism," or "Spinozism," or "Pantheism," or
"Brownianism," or "Naturalism," or "Atheism," or "Rationalism," "Spiritualism,"
"Mysticism," and so on. In making an objection of this kind, you take it for
granted (1) that the assertion in question is identical with, or is at least
contained in, the category cited - that is to say, you cry out, "Oh, I have
heard that before"; and (2) that the system referred to has been entirely
refuted, and does not contain a word of truth.

		Arthur Schopenhauer, The Art Of Controversy, Stratagem XXXII


Two New White Papers Published

I’ve published two new white papers today, “Making Decisions While Facing Major Illness” and “Two Dimensional Information in a Four Dimensional World”. These papers were written for the Cherubim Foundation White Paper Series. They may be downloaded from the Geckopad Solutions website. Go to the Resources > Documents section. Eventually they will also be available from the Cherubim Foundation web site.

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