Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Thursday, 2019.12.05
Unfortunately, the class that has led America - and done so well during our
first two centuries - appears to have lost interest in the project. They prefer
to skim the profits off the top, and hope the ship drifts along in the trade
lane (and stays off the rocks). Reform must come from us, not them.

		Fabius Maximus


The Day Fades On A Fierce Storm

The snow continues to blanket my humble home…

Chimes II

…while the wind improvises a symphony with the wind chimes (click image to see video)…

Winter Wind Chimes

…and still, is Buddha…

Winter Buddha II

Inside is warm…

Dinner on the Hearth

Yes, that’s my fine dinnerware you see there (Thanksgiving leftovers, yum!) The beer, an excellent home brew we called “Ode to Oscar Stout” in honor of Little Big Man himself, has been featured on this blog before.

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