Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Saturday, 2020.06.06
The well-off like nice cars, tasteful homes, good food, and appropriate
vacations - but not the oil, gas, coal, nuclear energy, transmission lines,
timber, cement, farmland, water pumps, etc., that bring that to them. . . . The
less well-off want their versions of the same things - cool clothes, good music
players, neat cell phones, the best plasma TVs, blue-ray players, video games -
but are not interested in the hard study and discipline necessary for a society
to create the sort of educated work force that makes and deserves such

		Victor Davis Hanson


9 Down, 45 To Go

WhooHoo! Small miracle, I’m still a straight “A” student with two more classes under my belt (Software Engineering and Operating Systems.) Not because of the material, mind you, but because of the technology employed by one of the professors. Its different from the on-line course software used during the Fall quarter. Equally disconcerting is that yet another professor buggered out due to some sort of personal crisis leaving the virtual classroom empty for weeks at a time. I really hope this isn’t a trend. I’ve initiated a conversation with DU regarding the particular issues and hopefully they’ll be resolved.

One thing is clear, the quality as well as the quantity of student participation on the discussion boards is critical. Without it, the class is pretty much like being self taught and who needs to drop 1,000+ bucks for that?

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