Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Friday, 2022.10.07
Why Common Thieves Are Better Than Socialists:

Thieves have the guts to do the job themselves.
Thieves don't steal in the name of "justice".
Thieves don't masquerade as "liberals".
Thieves don't comprise a unified political mob of millions.
Thieves don't loath freedom and individuality.
Thieves don't undermine the Constitution.
Thieves don't promote mind control via "political correctness" and "hate"
Thieves don't own/control the "establishment" media.
Thieves don't indoctrinate our children to be unquestioning drones of the
Thieves can be arrested.

		Mark Gilmore


Paper Wars

Turns out Eric Scheie and I are fighting the same battle today. My efforts are far more modest than Eric’s, involving one puny schredder and a few garbage bags. Still, there is a lot of paper I HAVE to keep, mostly related to Janet’s psychotherapy practice. Stuff I can’t distroy for a few years yet due to some rather vague legal reason. Ack. Nonetheless, I toss what I can.

What’s interesting about the battle in Eric’s trench is he apperently gets far mor junk mail than I. He quotes from these folks:

“The amount of paper junk mail sent each year in the USA is staggering — some 4 million tons, nearly half of which is never opened.”

The most staggering thing about that statistic, assuming it’s true, is that of those 4 million tons, over half of it actually is opened.

Who are these people?

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