Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Friday, 2020.08.14
There is an important law about power that is too often overlooked by rational
and peace-loving people. Any form of power, from the most primitive to the most
mind-boggling, is always amplified enormously when it falls into the hands of
those whose behavior is wild, erratic, and unpredictable. A gun being waved back
and forth by a maniac is far more disturbing to us than the gun in the holster
of the policeman, though both weapons are equally capable of shooting us dead.
And what is true of guns is far more true in the case of nukes.

		Lee Harris


Urban Scare Crow – The Fine Print

I’ve written previously about my urban scare crow. It has served me well for close to 3 years now. A recent rash of arrogant, smug, self-rightous doooooo-gooders of various sorts have seen fit to interpret the scare crow’s message, shall we way, rather liberally. “I’m not really a solicitor. I’m here for an important cause.” Well, it had better be to tell me my house is on fire, the locus are coming or you’re bleeding to death.

Turns out, their important cause is to tell me what heinous damage I’m doing to the planet animals my soul what ever gross nominalization they have printed on their clipboard and how money and/or a signature can heal my evil ways. This has prompted an addendum to the urban scare crow:

Urban Scare Crow - The Fine Print

Lucky for the clinically thick I lack the time to chase after my 50 bucks. But hey, at least I know of one hobby to pursue in retirement.


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