Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Thursday, 2021.08.05
Then there's the story of the man who avoided reality for 70 years with drugs,
sex, alcohol, fantasy, TV, movies, records, a hobby, lots of sleep... And on his
80th birthday died without ever having faced any of his real problems.  The
man's younger brother, who had been facing reality and all his problems for 50
years with psychiatrists, nervous breakdowns, tics, tension, headaches, worry,
anxiety and ulcers, was so angry at his brother for having gotten away scott
free that he had a paralyzing stroke.  The moral to this story is that there
ain't no justice that we can stand to live with.

		R. Geis


Blog Haiku #24

Noise of the city
Congestion from this Spring cold
Echo each other

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