Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud Sunday, 2018.07.22
In this competitive world, it is best to be invisible. Go through life without
showing off, attracting attention to yourself, or making flamboyant gestures.
These will only attract the hostility of others. The wise accomplish all that
they want without arousing the envy or scorn of others. They make achievements
only for the sake of fulfilling their inner yearnings.

Yet it is inevitable that you will have to prove yourself at one time or
another. When that is necessary, then you must marshal all your skills and do
your very best. Prove yourself when it is demanded, and when you must prove
yourself, be superior. At that moment, it is no time to talk of philosophy and
humility. Act. Do. Then fade back into invisibility.

		Deng Ming-Dao, "365 Tao - Daily Meditations", #203


Blog Haiku #29

Watching the stars, shine.
Warm Summer evening air, still.
Dog wants to play, NOW!


Blog Haiku #28

This, a pristine tear
Made for a cheek, blushed and raw
To find a way home.


Blog Haiku #27

Brilliant rays shine
Summer solstice marks the shift
Cold wind bites my cheek


Blog Haiku #26

Fierce and ferocious,
The sky pummels a thirsty road.
Flowers bloom with thanks.


Blog Haiku #25

Thunderous hacking.
Scary monsters in my nose.
This virus owns me.


Blog Haiku #24

Noise of the city
Congestion from this Spring cold
Echo each other


Blog Haiku #23

Spry chickadees chirp.
Morning frost and crisp Spring air.
A new day begins.


Blog Haiku #22

Sweeping second hand
Marks the time
And not the tempo


Blog Haiku #21

A match is lit.
Passionate flash.
Steady flame.


Blog Haiku #20

The dog and her bone
The bird at the feeder.


Blog Haiku #19

Friend and foe.
Fiend and fair.
One becomes the other.


Blog Haiku #18

A stream flowing down a mountain.
A bloggers finger’s on a keyboard.
Gentle babbling.


Blog Haiku #17

Taunting sock puppets.
Fulfilling vilification.
Did you not see the frog?


Blog Haiku #16

Raging news feeds.
Stepping in,
I still know nothing.


Blog Haiku #15

Tracks in the log file.
Left by machines
Driven by minds.

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