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Objects are lost only because people look where they are not rather than where they are.


Project Valour-IT

Just kicked in $100 for Project Valour-IT (Voice-Activated Laptops for OUR Injured Troops) and joined the Marines (gotta support the boots on the ground) lead by Villainous Company. The project has raised an additional $7,000+ toward the overall goal of $180,000 since I first tuned in this morning. Sweet.

This is a good use of technology. The voice recognition software is quite impressive and greatly improved over where it was just 4 years ago.

Please note:

Division among military teams is purely for the purpose of friendly competition. Any blogger may join any team and all money raised supports the wounded as needed, regardless of branch of service.

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$12,000 additional over night. Awesome!

Being Rosie O’Donnell

Not an easy task, I’m sure. Being John Malkovich looks easier. A scary peek into how the gears inside Rosie O’Donnell’s brain work. And just in time for Halloween. Short answer: There are no gears, just cartoons. From yesterday’s “The View”:

Rosie O’Donnell: “I don’t think she [Condoleeza Rice] could win, because I think she’s like that person on Scooby Doo who unzips themself and then it’s Dick Cheney’s evil twin brother is inside of her. That’s what I think.”

Behar: “I’m not sure about that, because I think she has her own opinions. And I don’t know if that’s a hundred percent that she’s not following orders right now, but if she was in the position, she would change.”

O’Donnell: “Ooh, Scooby, I think that scary man with the ring is actually the ghost!”



The View’s All Rosy From Rosie’s Rose Colored Glasses

Rise And Shine

The colors just get better…

Aspen 01 Aspen 02

This was yesterday evening just as I got home from work. Today is damp, gray and cold.


Wom·an Ar. noun – 7: An idiot with a short memory

[This post builds on my previous posts Wom·an Ar. noun – 1: Raw meat, 2: Something to blame, Wom·an Ar. noun – 3: Play things, 4: Something to kick around and Wom·an Ar. noun – 5: Weapons of mass seduction, 6: Satan’s soldiers.]

He’s ready! Yes he is! al-Hilaly is extending is meat hooks hand and apologizing to his little meat balls “cherished pearls”

Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilaly described women as “cherished pearls” and said rape was abominable as he tried to explain the comments which have engulfed him in controversy.

While he expressed some contrition to the women of Australia, he attacked the “dubious media” and “devious groups” which he says have slandered and defamed him.

It’s always someone else’s fault. But ya’ know, he’s just sick about this, ladies:

Australia’s most senior Muslim cleric collapsed with chest pains and was taken to hospital today following widespread calls for him to quit after delivering a sermon in which he compared immodestly dressed women to uncovered meat eaten by cats.


He’s sooooooo ready to make up.

“I turn to all the women of Australia and the world. You are the shining lights of the world … How could any sane person think of humiliating you?” he wrote.

“You are the cherished pearls, the dearest thing in the world. So don’t be taken as offerings at the temples of the merchants of pleasure, or advocates of decadence and corruption.”

Or idiots without a memory for the fool things misogynists spew:

Satan sees women as half his soldiers. You’re my messenger in necessity, Satan tells women you‘re my weapon to bring down any stubborn man. There are men that I fail with. But you’re the best of my weapons…The woman was behind Satan playing a role when she disobeyed God and went out all dolled up and unveiled and made of herself palatable food that rakes and perverts would race for. She was the reason behind this sin taking place.

Word is, al-Hilaly is seeking an indefinite leave from his duties at Sydney’s Lakemba mosque. So what do you think? Too much stress or just tough love? If you are lost in the dark on this, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is carrying the light and shows the way.

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Mary Katharine Ham calls it like it is. Be sure to follow the links to Wafa Sultan and Brigitte Gabriel. Every bit as impressive as Hirsi Ali.


Wom·an Ar. noun – 5: Weapons of mass seduction, 6: Satan’s soldiers

[This post builds on my previous posts Wom·an Ar. noun – 1: Raw meat, 2: Something to blame and Wom·an Ar. noun – 3: Play things, 4: Something to kick around.]

Reading further into Sheik al-Hilaly’s comments, it just gets worse (H/T Tim Blair):

When it comes to adultery, it’s 90 percent the woman’s responsibility. Why? Because a woman owns the weapon of seduction. It’s she who takes off her clothes, shortens them, flirts, puts on make-up and powder and takes to the streets, God protect us, dallying. It’s she who shortens, raises and lowers. Then, it’s a look, a smile, a conversation, a greeting, a talk, a date, a meeting, a crime, then Long Bay jail. Then you get a judge, who has no mercy, and he gives you 65 years.

There are just so many things wrong with this, where do you start? Perhaps the Meat Head Mufti has been so preoccupied with finding all the different ways life has him outraged he’s lost a few details, like the fact he’s the one with the penis. Recall the comment at the heart of the Mufti’s revelations:

If you take uncovered meat and put it on the street, on the pavement, in a garden, in a park, or in the backyard, without a cover and the cats eat it, then whose fault will it be, the cats, or the uncovered meat’s? The uncovered meat is the disaster. If the meat was covered the cats wouldn’t roam around it. If the meat is inside the fridge, they won’t get it.

Rather than sealing women up in layers of blankets, Mr. Meaty Mufti, the easier solution would be to lock your nuts in an iron cup. As the astute Tim Blair has put it:

But if the meat is outside the fridge, and the cats are inside the fridge, they won’t get it either. For a long, long, time. Trust me on this.

Castration is an option, O Holy One, something else you and cats could have in common. And that “lack of mercy” you perceive in the judge is actually the presence of a spine. But I’ve interrupted the Mufti’s lardy thoughts:

But when it comes to this disaster, who started it? In his literature, writer al-Rafee says, if I came across a rape crime, I would discipline the man and order that the woman be jailed for life. (Emphasis added)

Dude gets 65 years for rape. Whaaaaaaaaaa! Jail the victim for life. WhooooHooooo!

Satan sees women as half his soldiers. You’re my messenger in necessity, Satan tells women you‘re my weapon to bring down any stubborn man. There are men that I fail with. But you’re the best of my weapons…The woman was behind Satan playing a role when she disobeyed God and went out all dolled up and unveiled and made of herself palatable food that rakes and perverts would race for. She was the reason behind this sin taking place.

Are you sick yet?

Ah, well al-Hilaly has an apologist in Keysar Trad, President of the Islamic Friendship Council of Australia:

Mr Trad said Sheik Hilali’s speech was a series of “off the cuff” remarks given as a late-night talk about chastity and marriage.

Well, that makes it all better.

“Obviously, there is a severe penalty for rape and there should be. He’s saying, ‘If you do this, if you behave in a sexual way, see how much trouble you can get into’,” Mr Trad said.

Here’s the math on that:

Rape = “Behave in a sexual way”

This goes against everything I understand about rape. In the Muslim world view, touching, hugging, kissing, holding hands, rape and other sexual behaviors – it’s all good…if your the guy. “Misinterpreted.” “Off the cuff.” Whatever. I find nothing even tangentially acceptable in what is revealed by this kind of thinking. That the Meaty Minded Mufti isn’t alone in this pattern has my attention. My hope is that others, like me, are tracking…

Much more here.


Das Engel Heiligtum

The aspen are in peak just outside my house.

Das Heiligtum

Standing beneath the aspen, lulled by the the shimmering of the sun and melody of the breeze in the leaves…

Das Heiligtum Aspen

…today is a good day.


Wom·an Ar. noun – 3: Play things, 4: Something to kick around

[This post builds on my previous post Wom·an Ar. noun – 1: Raw meat, 2: Something to blame.]

From reporter Lindy Kerin (ABC Australia):

TONY EASTLEY: After coming under intense pressure over his comments that scantily-dressed women provoke sexual violence, one of Australia’s most senior Muslim clerics has been given a slap over the wrist by the organisation that employs him. (Emphasis added)

“Scantily-dressed”? The spin on that makes me dizzy. Not wearing a hijab qualifies as “scantily-dressed”? Anything less than this:


qualifies as “scantily-dressed”. Consider yourselves duly informed. Hey, don’t complain, you have your choice of two colors!

And then we have this from Meat Head Mufti al-Hilaly:

Is misunderstanding. I’m very, very sorry for that. People misunderstanding my talk in my mosque.

But as reported by The Australian:

In a Ramadan sermon that has outraged Muslim women leaders, Sydney-based Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali also alluded to the infamous Sydney gang rapes, suggesting the attackers were not entirely to blame. (Emphasis added)

We can assume Muslim women leaders (for example, Nada Roude from the Islamic Council of New South Wales and the United Muslim Women’s Association) would have sufficient grasp of the language and context to know full well what al-Hilaly meant and intended. And their understanding was such that they were left with an unfavorable impression – outraged, actually. [That word, “outrage”, is becoming increasingly diluted and devoid of meaning, much like the word “terrorist.” – Greg] There have been calls for his resignation, no less, from elsewhere within the Islamic community.

al-Hilaly’s apology is as vacuous as the Islamic fundamentalist’s claim to represent a “peaceful” religion. The News Limited reports:

Australia’s leading Muslim cleric, Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilaly, says he will only resign when the world is “clean of the White House”.

After emerging from Friday prayers at Lakemba Mosque today, Sheik Hilaly was asked by a media pack whether he would quit over a speech in which he said scantily-dressed women invited rape.

After we clean the world of the White House first,” the sheik said. (Emphasis added)

Think about this folks. There is a “first” which means there is a second. I’ll speculate what’s second: All non-Muslims “willingly” convert or are exterminated. I’ll speculate what’s third: All women are bound and gagged entombed appropriately attired in their hijab and burka.

Time to wake up and smell the hummus. This guy is never resigning. His three month suspension from preaching not withstanding, there will always be something else that offends al-Hilaly’s knuckled sense of what’s right. I’ve every confidence there is an abundant supply of steep thinkers like al-Hilaly. If Satan ever had a tongue, it’s guys like this.

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Michelle Malkin echoes and elaborates.


#1 – Ann Althouse articulates a point I didn’t make as clear as intended:

Reuters paraphrases the quote above [Sheikh Taj El-Din Hamid Hilaly: After we clean the world of the White House first…] as a statement that “he would not go until the White House was cleaned out.” Somebody needs to learn how to read. Those words aren’t a mere wish to see President Bush out of the White House. They state a desire to rid the world of the White House. The place in need of “cleaning” is not the White House, but the world. The uncleanliness is not the President in the White House, but the White House in the world.

Meat Head Mufti al-Hilaly’s comments reveal both his agenda and it’s scope. My belief that al-Hilaly’s comments are a “misunderstood” and isolated expression goes about as deep as Muslim tolerance of other religions.

#2 – Modified title


Wom·an Ar. noun – 1: Raw meat, 2: Something to blame

One would think the revealing commentary by Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, Australia’s most senior Muslim cleric, would instantly set no less than half the nation’s population (that would be you, girls) on edge and awaken them to what awaits on the far side of unassimilated “multiculturalism” and Shar’ia law:

In a Ramadan sermon that has outraged Muslim women leaders, Sydney-based Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali also alluded to the infamous Sydney gang rapes, suggesting the attackers were not entirely to blame.

In the religious address on adultery to about 500 worshippers in Sydney last month, Sheik Hilali said: “If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it … whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat?

“The uncovered meat is the problem.”

The sheik then said: “If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred.”

Tim Blair calls it right: “A lot of things don’t occur if you never leave your room. Ask any prisoner.”

Rather than swallow the politically correct oatmeal cooked up by apologists for all things Muslim and the MSM, I have to wonder where is the FREAKIN’ outrage and rebuttal to this type of monstrous thinking, particularly from the supposed feminists organizations and politicians on both sides of the aisle?

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#1 – There’s more over on Hot Air: Aussie mufti to women: Stop making us rape you

#2 – Yikes!

#3 – “I unreservedly apologise to any woman who is offended by my comments,” Alhilali said. Riiiiiiiiiiiight. Can you say “Taqiyya“?

#4 – Allahpundit’s usual reserved analysis: “’Protecting women’s honor’ is virtually a science in some Muslim countries”

#5 – And Iowahawk has found a vein.


Modified title


Blalock’s Conflict Model

Looking back over the past few days, I’ve the impression the Spirit of Rosanna Rosannadanna has been haunting me – “It’s always something.” It’s been a convergence of deadlines, personal tasks it’s just time to get completed, music lessons (voice, cello), health, things breaking down and cool things arriving in the mail.

One of the interesting projects I’ve been working on since the first of the year (and one of this week’s deadlines) has been helping a fellow DU student with her Masters thesis. Elizabeth Twomey approached me to write an application which would facilitate the use of Blalock’s general model for understanding conflict. We made the decision to create this as a web application and the prototype/proof of concept is posted on one of my big boxes. You can explore the results on the web site I built for Liz to demonstrate this part of her thesis.


Blog Haiku #4

A simple comment.
A simple post.


Respect This [Gesture]!

Uh oh. Looks like Ann Althouse is done for, what with stirring up a ruckus about UW’s Think.Respect propaganda beat them until they are kind Freedom for Warm Fuzzies program. The crack Java Zen Table, Desk and Counter Intelligence Team has intercepted a “bias-related incident form” on its way to the UW’s Office of Central Coercion.

Guess I should feel good that my alma mater only has to deal with the likes of Ward Churchill.

Offices of the Dean of Students
Student Advocacy and Judicial Affairs (SAJA)
Bias Incident Reporting Form

A bias incident is a threat or act of bigotry, harassment or intimidation – verbal, written or
physical – that is personally directed against or targets a University of Wisconsin-
Madison student because of that student’s race, age, gender identity or expression,
disability, national or ethnic origin, political affiliation, religion, sex (including pregnancy),
sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Please include as much information as possible. Incomplete or inaccurate information will delay
processing of this report and may compromise our ability to quickly and effectively respond to this report.

Description of incident (attach separate sheet if necessary):

Reply 1

Area where incident occurred (please provide as much detail as possible):

Reply 2

Date and time of incident:

Reply 3

Victim name(s), if known (please indicate if victim is a UW-Madison student):

Reply 4

Your name, e-mail address, and phone number:

Reply 5

Would you like a SAJA staff member to contact you? ____ yes ____ no

Reply 6

Thank you for taking the time to submit this report and helping to improve campus climate at UW-
Madison. All reports will be reviewed in a timely manner. If you would like to provide further information or
speak with a SAJA staff member about this incident, please call (608) 263-5700.

Please submit this report via campus or US mail to: SAJA
75 Bascom Hall
500 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706


15 Down, 39 To Go – Maybe

The streak continues – straight “A’s” – but…

I wish it meant something. This last class was a disappointment, to put it mildly. To be more pointed, it was useless crap. That this would pass for graduate level studies has me rethinking my choice of universities. I needed the past six weeks to put some distance between me and the arduous experience of trying to stay awake during what amounted to graduate level crayon and paste studies. So now I feel sufficiently recouped to construct a formal complaint to Denver University in regard to their product. I’ll post more about that here as well as any response they may have.

In a nutshell, it seems the dumbing down of education has reach the graduate level.


Blog Haiku #3

Such a beautiful rant
To this tired mind.
A lonely Publish button.


Nuclear Short Man Syndrome

I have to wonder, just how many phone books was Kim Jong Il standing on in order to tower over former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright? Even accounting for the retro hair fluff, he’s got the “steely eyes staring down upon you” advantage:

Madeleine Albright - Kim Jong Il

Oh, and I’d just like to join in with the hearty “Cheers!” for Albright and team. Thanks for the fine, fine work back in the day. Without it, we wouldn’t be where were are now. Shinny!



A few pictures from a walk several weeks back. I’d meant to post them, but forgot about them until I happened across the digital camera this morning.


Janet and I called this cottonwood tree “Quasimodo.” Out in a field all by itself, it has been struck by lightning more times than I can count. The bark on one side is all black, the after effects of its most recent brush with primal forces. As gnarly as it looks, it has always been an inspiration for persevering and getting through our own tough times.


It used to be I could point a camera in any direction on my walks and end up with a cool picture like this. Now, there is so much mega-house building going on I have to frame my subject as best I can. On this walk, it was quiet, warm, fragrant and tranquil. Just like old times. I stood on this bridge soaking in the sunlight and comforting smells of Fall for a good long time. I want a strong memory of this place before it is gone forever.

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